What is Tee 2? / What does it do?

The Tee2 is an innovative, easy-to-use golf training aid that helps improve alignment when addressing the ball. By providing the golfer with a clear point of reference when setting up, the Tee2 ensures the clubface is square to the target resulting in straighter, more consistent golf shots!

How will it improve my game?

One of the most common mistakes made by golfers of all skill levels is poor alignment at address, resulting in off target shots. The Tee2 is a simple solution that gives the golfer a clear visual cue to when setting the club behind the ball – the moment most alignment issues arise. Unless your issue is the drinks, then we can't help.

How do I use it?

Simply slide any regular tee into the hole at the back of the Tee2 before teeing up your ball. Once the tee is in the ground line up the Tee2 towards the desired target and that's it! You can now address the ball with confidence knowing you're all lined up!

What clubs can I use with it?

Any club you like! The Tee2 can help improve your alignment with all clubs from driver to lob wedge!

Is it legal for competition golf?

Tee2 is a training aid and not for use in competition golf. We recommend using the Tee2 on the range or during practice rounds. Over time, training with the Tee2 will help improve your natural alignment, so you can go out and dominate that Sunday comp!

Does it work with any tee?

The Tee2 is compatible with most standard golf tees on the market.